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Lark in Dousman, WI

In my Wisconsin zone 4-5 garden the Blackeyed Susans are at there peak. There are so many other hardy perennials that also share the stage for the end of Summer. What are you favorites? Come and chat at my website forum all about gardening. www.larksperennials.com

Flower Close-ups Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn

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2 of 17: Canna, Wyoming, get a pretty orange flower. I like it for the foliage, it adds drama to the gardens.

3 of 17: Sedum, Purple Emperor adds that burgundy that I am trying to weave through the gardens. Adds color all the time.

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6 of 17: Pgymy Barberry and Salvia.

7 of 17: Goblin Gallardia only gets about 10 inches, a great long bloomer in the front of the garden.

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9 of 17: Crab apples that don\'t drop. Looks so pretty with snow on them. Except the squirrels have found them this year and eat them ALL before the Fall season is over.

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11 of 17: Anenome is so dainty and I love the buds.

12 of 17: Indian Plaintin can get to be 7 feet. I like the burgundy stems.

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15 of 17: I use Ladies Mantle as a ground cover. I love how the dew drops collect on the leaves.

16 of 17: The hot pink plant is the Bloodleaf (houseplant). I use it to brighten up all areas of the garden. But it doesn\'t like intense sun. The Great Blue Lobelia is a thread through my gardens at this time of the season.

17 of 17: Goldenrod against the white bark of the Aspens. I make sure I deadhead the Goldenrod before it goes to seed.

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I love this plant, too, and often cut off the flowers because I find the foliage more attractive.

Sorry, I go through your photos by clicking on the numbers (sometimes the slide show doesn't allow me to really take a close look and read your commentary), so you probably have no idea what "plant" I'm talking about in my prior comment. It's ladies mantle.

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