California Garden Of Paradise

Jasonlee2233 in Aliso Viejo, CA

3 beautiful well maintained lawns of perfect marathon ii sod. Rose garden of 4 total in front(includes Paradise Rose, Plum, Lavender, and one ketchup and mustard by itself next to the birds of paradise to blend in colors), two out of this world bougainvillea's, lush birds of paradise and large palm, cymbidium orchid garden(th best i got!!)outdoor INGROUND orchid system have been in full bloom since early Decemeber and still blooming today, with landscaping lights to let all see paradise day and night! Maintained by homeowner, took around 5 years to complete full front yard hardscaping and landscaping garden of Paradise! Flagstone laid through out walkay to front door.

Driveway Flower Close-ups Front Yard Fun for Kids Garden Hardscape Lawn Lighting Path / Walkway Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Stone / Rock

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