Spring in Faeryhollow

Barbara Stanley in Hendersonville, NC

Our home is 25 acres located on property that has been in my husband's family for over 70 years. It's on the edge of the forest, with many native trees, shrubs, and plants that I try to include in the garden plan.

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1 of 7: Early Spring bed in front of Crickhollow Cottage with Marguerite tulips and pansies. The walk is molded concrete stepping stones.

2 of 7: Hellebores, forget-me-nots, and primroses dot this bed in front of native rhododendron and mountain laurel.

3 of 7: Tulips and primroses in the foreground and a planter that I created from an old aluminum tricycle. I painted it with decorative elements and added an old wire locker basket to it as a container for more flowers.

4 of 7: My potting shed is a child\'s playouse that we customized with picket fencing, shutters, many repurposed elements and a whimsical paint scheme.

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I was hoping you were going to show us more pictures! So much fun! Thanks for sharing.

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