Deb'S Garden

Greg Rogowski in Korbel, CA

Used old doors for decorative windows, old planters for raised beds, growing artichokes, garlic, many types of lettuce, brussel sprouts, potatoes, peas, passion fruit and berries. Also used an old stain glass door for the entrance. At least 8 birdfeeders and birdbaths. It is a 365 day garden

Container Garden Garden Side Yard

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Not only are you in the PERFECT climate for growing, you also have a huge wall around your gardens...NO CRITTERS to deal with. You should tell us what you are growing, your soil mixture in your raised beds and what type of fertilizing. Organic? We gardeners like to know those things. It is a very nice area you have set up and all year round veggies...LUCKY YOU. Smiles, Lark

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