Hand-me-down flowers

mmmyt3kds in Taylorville, IL

These are some pictures of the flowers my my garden. All of my flowers came from starts from my grandma's garden or my husband's grandma's garden!

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Sweet! I LOVE that about gardening! We have moved all over the south since we were married over 33 years ago and with every yard I brought plants from friends that I cherished. However, an F4 tornado (I say it was an F5!) took away everything back in 2001 so now I've started over in FL. I love to get plants and flowers from others because everytime they bloom you think about them as I'm sure you do with your grandparents! Enjoy!

The Clematis was actually a transplant from my grandma's not a start, I worded it wrong. I wasn't sure if it would live after transplanting it but it is doing great!

Wow! You started a Clematis! They look great!

That is a wonderful way to start a new garden or add to an existing garden. I call these plants 'PASS-ALONGS'. And you will be passing them to your kids one day. Smiles, Lark

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