Cottage Style Vegetable Garden

Our first vegetable garden! Cedar raised beds, gravel path, white vinyl fence.

Back Yard Fence Garden Side Yard

1 of 3: Early summer in our first-ever vegetable garden

2 of 3: Blueberry bushes

3 of 3: Herbs interplanted with marigolds. I've heard that marigolds tend to repel the bad bugs from the garden and this method seemed to work well for me.

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SueNewGardener 2 months ago

did anyone find out how to build this? I'm new at this and have no idea where to even start...

flrn64 3 years ago

I loved your garden so much, I had to make my own!! Thank you so much for the inspiration :-)

Would you be willing to let me know the dimensions of this garden and how much fencing you used. I love it, I have been searching plans and photo's for a vegetable garden I liked and I absolutely love your garden! If you could also let me know where you purchased the fence that would be great! This is a project I can't wait to start. Thanks so much for sharing.

heatherrrr 3 years ago

I love this!!

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