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JSL Landscape's profile

JSL Landscape
Location: Sedona,AZ
Coverage Region: Prescott-Flagstaff and Northern
Phone: 480-246-1400

Anything that can be built outdoors, I can design and get it built with my design abilities, years of experience and network of specialists. I am designer who happens to be a contractor not the other way around. Can also provide out of state clients with designs. I just need a base map, some digital pictures and your climate zone.

About Us:

Landscape Designer in Scottsdale and Sedona Arizona. Masters Degree Landscape Architecture Licensed Contractor Boutique Design-Build company with owner on site during construction. Looking for clients who want something out of the ordinary, creative, meaningful yet practical and affordable.

John's Design Ideas

Owner: JSL
Location: various
image_icon2276 Views image_icon158 Votes

Various garden, landscape and special spaces for inspiration and education.