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Harmony Design Group's profile

Harmony Design Group
Location: Westfield ,NJ
Address: 1520 Pine Grove Ave.
Coverage Region: Newark-Passaic-Bergen and Northern
Phone: 908-264-4440



The exterior of your home should be an extension of your indoor lifestyle to be planned as carefully as you would a room in your home. Harmony Design Group creates elegant and functional solutions maximizing your property to its fullest potential.

About Us:

Harmony Design Group, a New Jersey Certified Landscape Architecture firm, is committed to providing innovative custom landscape designs that indulge your senses and transform an ordinary yard into a breathtaking landscape oasis. We cultivate lasting relationships with our clients to create better lives and living environments, with emphasis on custom, quality design and workmanship. Our ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction and meticulous planning assures a finished product that will provide a life time of enjoyment.

Airmont NY

Owner: Harmony
Location: Airmont
image_icon6111 Views image_icon246 Votes

This yard was a complete transformation. We designed a new multi level deck, a custom swimming pool with large waterfall, and a complete planting plan. That biggest challenge with this project was the