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Aquascape, Inc.'s profile

Aquascape, Inc.
Location: St. Charles,IL
Address: 41 W781 Illinois 64
Coverage Region: Chicago
Phone: 866-877-6637


About Us:

We are passionate about water gardening and would love to share our story with you. Learn how Aquascape started from a 12-year old boys hobby and developed into an award-winning, multi-million dollar company. From our quality water gardening products to a LEED´┐Ż (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building, Aquascape plays an integral role in the world to enhance the environment and beautify landscapes across North America.

Aquascape, Inc.

Owner: Aquascape,
Location: St.
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Aquascape\'s signature pond was installed in July 2008, replacing an ugly retention area in front of the company\'s office and warehouse building. The pond is 250\' x 90\' and replicates the Illinois