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Christopher Lines & Associates's profile

Christopher Lines & Associates
Location: Walnut Creek,CA
Address: 1297 Mountain View Blvd.
Coverage Region: Northern California - Contra Costa County
Phone: 925-280-1248



I believe in collaborating with my clients to achieve the unique landscapes they seek. I offer a variety of different services, depending on my clients needs. This is a partial list of the types of services I have offered up to now, but there is always the possibility that I will add more options to the list, depending on demand. Design Services: Planting Plan, Hardscape DesignLayout, Irrigati

About Us:

My name is Christopher Lines. I have been a Landscape Designer for 18 Years on the West Coast, with two studio locations: Walnut Creek Ca. and Carmel Valley Ca. I studied Art and Design at U.S.F., and the Academy of Art in San Francisco, and have furthered my education through the years , attending and teaching Genesis III Design courses, and Unique Lighting programs every year. My designs are uniquely tailored to each clients personal tastes, taking budget and materials into consideration. This ensures a landscape environment which is truly customized to the desires of my clients, making dreams into reality.

tuscan farm house

Owner: Christopher
Lines &
Location: Alamo
image_icon4705 Views image_icon221 Votes

vanishing edge pool and spa with flagstone patios and old world rubble stone house. Creating a vintage garden with clean lines and LED lights.

Mediterranean -style pool

Owner: Christopher
Lines &
Location: Walnut
image_icon7840 Views image_icon306 Votes

Mediterranean-style pool with French copper walls, hand-painted Italian tile and 19th century French cast-iron urns