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Calvin's Resort

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I wanted to create a "resort" type feel which is surrounded by an urban environment.

Comments / Q&A

On June 26,2012 Calvin Poole said:

"VJPS, the two trees that flank the fountain are crepe myrtles. They are not in bloom in this picture but if you will Google them you will see that they are very pretty trees. A lot of people trim them back in February but I don't trim mine."

On June 25,2012 VJPS said:

"Just love the simple, but effective design of your yard. Can you tell what the the two trees that flank the fountain are? "

On February 23,2012 Lawn Wars tv show said:

"Hi! Your yard is great. I'm a casting director for a new tv show "Lawn Crazy" about people and their yards / lawns / landscaping. It's for a company called SuperDelicious , for a major cable television network, from the same producers of "Cupcake Wars." Please email me if you would be interested in being on our show? We are looking for people asap- so I'd love to hear from you as soon as... right now! Thanks! Lisa Roth Casting "Lawn Crazy" Super Delicious"

On June 4,2011 TheBOXERSMom said:

"I love the open clean look; It is an inspiration!"

OnMarch 13,2009 said:

"Margo, The trees that are lining the fence are Ligustrums. They are ever-green and they grow about 7-8 ft. tall. They can be pruned or not. I have not pruned mine yet. I do not know what zone I am in, but I live in Tuscaloosa, Al. I am honored that you want to use my yard as inspiration. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for the comment."

On March 12,2009 said:

"Calvin, I love what you did with your yard. My yard size and shape is very similar to yours and I'd like to use your yard as inspiration to reno mine. What are the pruned bushes you have lining your fence? And what zone do you live in? Thanks, Calvin!"

On November 23,2008 Karen W said:

"Your yard looks so neat and orderly. Love the border"

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