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my front yard dream

tallman (6)
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my front yard is about 20 ft X 30 ft. the house has an enclosed porch with the door on the side. so it is difficult for me to decide on a focal point. i would love to give it incredible curb appeal. as you can see from the pics it is plain looking and as people drive by, i would love for them to look over and say, wow or nice yard !! ...but i need ideas. i would love to keep some color through the seasons. there is a row of very tall pine trees to the side so sun is an issue in certain spots.

Comments / Q&A

On February 21,2012 Pipewrench said:

"another nice idea, thanks! i actually have a landscaper coming next week. i'm crossing my fingers that he can help me put it all together. i would love to be at the point where i am posting pictures of the progress. :) hope you project is coming along well."

On February 21,2012 outdoorgirl said:

"Check out this picture I found on Pinterest. You could create a curved walkway to the entry from the gate."

On February 15,2012 Pipewrench said:

" i appreciate you taking the time to send me an idea. i agree that i need to create a focal point, and i guess the front door being off to the side has really thrown me off. i like your idea and i'm going to draw it up to see how it looks, thank you"

On February 15,2012 outdoorgirl said:

"How about framing the front of the house. Plant two small trees or tall shrubs just outside each corner of the house,a row of evergreen shrubs in between them and a mixed border in the front of that. I'd include a border of plants that begins at the front right corner at the street and curves left running along the driveway getting wider as you get closer to the entry.I'd install a small white pergola over the steps or a tall piece of framed lattice behind the steps to give height and draw attention to the entry area. At the base of the steps/or where it meets the drive on the left/right I'd put two attractive planters. I'd also repeat the planters and few similar plants in front of the garage to bring it all together from street view. I'd set two goals. The 2nd is creating a cohesive look that extends across the front of the house and includes the garage and acts as a backdrop to goal number 1 one which is drawing the eye to the entry which is your focal point. I'm no pro either just trying to figure it out too. "

On February 10,2012 Pipewrench said:

"Thank you for the comment. Our yards do look very similar. home& garden show this weekend at RCC. They advertised landscaping so hopefully will get a few. Good luck with your project."

On February 10,2012 inimitablea said:

"We're in a very similar predicament, though I don't have any advice. When we moved in there were huge half-dead bushes out front and I cut them down. I'd love to see what you do with your yard! "

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