My Front Yard Perennial Garden in Ontario

About five years ago, we decided to replace our front lawn with a perennial garden. Our yard is quite shady, and growing grass was a constant struggle.
The new front yard garden is filled with low maintenance perennials such as daylilies, hostas, hydrangeas, coneflowers and various ground covers.
It is so much more fun to take care of than our old front lawn - and the neighbours, butterflies and bees certainly enjoy it more too!
You can see more photos of my front yard garden at

Flower Close-ups Front Yard Garden Medium (1,000 - 5,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Shade Garden Water-Wise

1 of 5: My husband built a small rock wall with rocks from a friend's farm, and we added extra soil to elevate a small section of the garden by the front porch.

2 of 5: Coneflowers and daisies grow happily in a sunnier section of our front yard garden.

3 of 5: Hostas, daylilies and shade tolerant ground covers such as lamium grow under a tree in our front yard garden.

4 of 5: Annabelle Hydrangeas by our front porch add some height to the garden, and the dried flower heads look nice in the fall and winter.

5 of 5: Daylilies continue to find new homes in our yard - these daylilies in our side yard were donated by relatives who needed to divide some of their plants.

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