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Dousman, Wi.
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My husband takes care of the grass, trees, bushes and the woods. My jobs are all the flower beds. Here I used drought tolerant plants. Hawthorne Tree, white flowers in Spring and orange berries in Fall that hold on all Winter. Around the Hawthorne are Catmint 'Walkers Low' for Spring and Summer color. Late Summer and Fall is Russian Sage. In the flower bed are perennials: Autumn Joy Sedum, Coral Bells 'Purple Palace', Basket of Gold for Spring bloom with silver foliage for all season interest. I also use annuals, orange marigolds and blue ageratums. Dave uses burgundy foliage bushes for interest 3 seasons. Diablo Ninebark and Sandcherries. A new addiition to the front yard is a Crimson King Maple. I hope it makes it through our COLD Winter.

Comments / Q&A

On April 5,2011 Lark said:

"Thank you Liz...ditto to you."

On April 5,2011 Liz Wojes said:

"Lark your front yard is beautiful! I love it! You sure are a hard worker! "

On November 5,2009 Coastal Gardener said:

"Talk about curb appeal! This is just gorgeous -- and a testament to all your hard work!"

On October 2,2009 Beverly said:

"Your place is just tooooooooooo the wide view of your home....everything is sooooo neat....great job.....have a great day"

On September 30,2009 Kim said:

"We did get a ton of rain. It made up for the drought we have had for the past two years. I have been in Georgia since 1966."

On September 29,2009 Steve said:

"this is so nice, can see all thehard work and love that went into making this yard so beautiful ."

On September 29,2009 Kim said:

"Lark, your yard is just gorgeous. I am so use to seeing your flower beds, but the yard is outstanding. I love the maple tree you added. We have two out front that aren't in my pics because I would have to cross our very busy road to get pics of those. One is already losing it's leaves and my yard is already a mess....Kim"

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