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Fire Pit

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We turned our small and boring backyard into a wonderful, relaxing fire pit area. We had no set design plan when we started out, and decided to utilize what we had the most of - rock! Knowing we had a ton (literally) of rocks buried behind our lot from when the house was built, we dug them up and our plan quickly came together. It turned out even more wonderful than we expected and we love sitting around it!

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Comments / Q&A

OnMay 9,2009 said:

"Love the fire pit!! We are getting ready to install a stone fire pit next weekend. Where did you get your tall, glass oil torches? I have been looking for some like those everywhere. I found some 18" ones to go around our pool but no luck for the tall ones. Thanks for sharing!!"

On December 17,2008 said:

"I love your fire pit and surrounding patio. We just finished pouring concrete, so we have the bare bones; now I'm looking for ideas on how to finish it. I love the fire ring, I don't think I've ever seen one. The rock around the patio is a nice touch, too, I was thinking of rock around the fire, but I like yours around the entire patio. You did a great job! "

OnNovember 3,2008 said:

"we just built a similar firepit. You can eliminate the drainage problem by digging a hole in the middle of the pit, layer rock, then sand in the hole until it is level with the ground, I think we dug about 2 ft. then, put a layer of rock, then a layer of sand on top of the ground. We aren't done with the pavers on the outside yet so no pics. You can find directions on the Progressive Farmer website."

On September 24,2008 said:

"Seems like you dropped the firepit into ground...nice touch...will you share your "how to's"?"

OnSeptember 24,2008 said:

"Ginny- we dug the pit about a foot below the surface which is great for big fires, but bad when it rains because there's no drainage and it fills up with water. See - I bought the "patio" part from them and their website shows the basis of installation. The fire ring came from Menards and the paver stones in the walkway came from Lowe's. Digging was the hardest part because my yard slopes downward a bit, but we put a thick layer of paver base down so it was easy to level. "

On September 19,2008 said:

"Thanks to primetim31 for suggesting that I post on this site."

On September 19,2008 YardShareBryan said:

"Very nice firepit. It looks like you've made it the centerpiece of your yard....perfect."

On September 19,2008 said:

"This is very cool! I love how you made the fire pit such a focal point of your backyard. "

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