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A Garden Full of Life

Red Bluff
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This was our first attempt at a major landscaping project taking an acre and a half from red clay, weeds, and rocks to our dream garden. The brick walk took me two summers to complete and is over 100 feet long. This garden grew from our hearts.

Comments / Q&A

On April 16,2013 kathy said:

"Thank you lana12 - I checked out you photo and your lot looks like the lot we are working on now. 3.25 acres that has never had anything done to it. It consists of red clay, rocks weeds, and loads of Valley Oak trees. Kind of sounds like what you are dealing with. My advise to you is take your time, stick to your vision, work on a small section at a time, and it will all come together. You will need to add planting mix to your soil unless you decide to stick to clay loving plants. Also, dig those leaves into the ground. They will break down and provide nutrients and attract earthworms which will further help enrich the clay. How exciting that you will have something to work on for years to come. I am never in a hurry to finish my yard and am always moving things around and adding to it. The best part of landscaping is to watch it come together over the years, then changing things as your mood and tastes change. Being an artist gardening gives me another creative outlet. If you have questions regarding your soil or just want encouragement let me know."

On April 16,2013 lana12 said:

"I love the pathway in the garden and I think the combination of colorful flowers and plants is just - striking! Great job. I am just staring on my backyard which is a combination of red clay, weeds, small trees and more weeds as well as leaves that were never picked up. Our new backyard needs a complete overhaul...but one day, I hope to have a backyard like the picture above. "

On September 19,2012 kathy said:

"Thank you so much. We purchased another home with 3 and 1/4 acres. Absolutely nothing has been done to the property so this is our new challenge. It was sad when we left the garden at the other place but we always are looking for a challenge. I will post photos as soon as we complete the 15,000 sq foot section we are working on now."

On September 19,2012 Tonya W said:

""Looks beautiful!!""

On August 2,2012 nixie said:

"I love the colors in your garden, and the pathway is beautiful!"

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