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Water-Wise Pictures & Design Ideas

Most Recent Water-Wise Yards
     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Aquascape, Inc.

    Aquascape, Inc.

    Owner: Aquascape, Inc. Location: St. Charles

    Aquascape's signature pond was installed in July 2008, replacing an ugly retention area in front of the company's office and warehouse building. The pond is 250' x 90' and replicates the Illinois watershed....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Project: Pati-oh!

    Project: Pati-oh!

    Owner: Colleen Lemke Location: Menasha, WI

    We "remodeled" our small backyard to become a "whole yard" patio with curved flower spaces, and three tiers of paver bricks. The finishing touch is a relaxing wrought iron gazebo with wicker lounging furniture and outdoor accent lighting. This isn't your ordinary's a pati-oh! ...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Paradise Water Park

    Paradise Water Park

    Owner: TB Concrete Location: Granite Bay

    My husband designed and created this amazing pool. The lot had many granite outcroppings that were beautiful to incorporate into the pool and waterslide but also were a lot of work to deal with!:) He created faux rocks to blend for the waterfalls, waterslide, spa, stream bed. All the faltwork was...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: My Garden Pond

    My Garden Pond

    Owner: Terry Nussbaum Location:

    I made 2 ponds with a bridge in between them, and a stream connecting the ponds. I have over 20 koi and lots of frogs. In the pond are lilies and other water plants. I also built a deck with a pergola, and a arbor fro my clematis.I have lights in and around the pond for night enjoyment....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: EarthCo Landscapes

    EarthCo Landscapes

    Owner: EarthCo Location: New Braunfels

    EarthCo Landscapes...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Our Twilight Pool

    Our Twilight Pool

    Owner: 1classydiva Location:

    Beautiful pool with waterfalls cascading down and lush landscaping, complete with an outdoor kitchen, Palapa and spa...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Az is HOT!!!!

    Az is HOT!!!!

    Owner: Bourgeois Location:

    My pool! I know the pots need flowers. We just moved in and I have not had time to do that yet. I will re-post with flowers as soon as I can. Thanks....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Shelly Ct.

    Shelly Ct.

    Owner: Jeff Trader Location: Brookfield, Wisconsin

    My yard is about 1/2 acre at the end of a court. It has an irregular shape, but is basically pie shaped with the V-shape starting at the street. Two of the borders are century old farmer's stone fence/tree lines. The lot slopes from back to front....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Backyard Pond Area

    Backyard Pond Area

    Owner: telhato Location:

    My husband and I worked on this pond for over a year to create a peaceful retreat for ourselves....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Watergarden Girl

    Watergarden Girl

    Owner: Touch of Paradise Location:

    My husband and I worked on this project for one year. We did the work ourselves, including hand picking 60 tons of rock out of a field! My husband also did all the pavestone work. It truely is our "Touch of Paradise"!...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Paramus shoolyard habitat

    Paramus shoolyard habitat

    Owner: Premium Aquascapes Location: New Milford

    This is a water feature we created at a school in Paramus NJ. It measures 10 x 14' x 2' deep. As part of our commitment to helping the communities we serve we offer schools a discount on water features. This is to create natural wildlife habitats and eco-systems so that our children can learn the im...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: tropical in california

    tropical in california

    Owner: dreamer Location:

    on the Sacramento River with lots of wildlife we are trying for a tropical feeling so we feel we are on vacation all the time. my husband did 99% of the work, created the tiki bar and did all the tile work. we hope to finish the landscape this coming year....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Pooh\'s Yard

    Pooh's Yard

    Owner: LLH Location: Minneapolis, MN

    Perennial flowers and flowering bushes add color all season to our zone 5 yard. We love to hang out on the porch, watch the birds and listen to the fountain....

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Waterfalls & Ponds

    Waterfalls & Ponds

    Owner: Delightful Watergardens Location: Pewaukee

    A snapshot of our work!...

     Landscaping Pictures & Ideas: Pond Renovation w/ RainXchange System

    Pond Renovation w/ RainXchange System

    Owner: Delightful Watergardens Location: pewaukee

    transforming beautiful private paradise to include a larger pond and more waterfalls and a rainwater harvesting system! ...

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