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Yard Map Search Results

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Yard Search Results
  • The Garden of Eat\'n
    The Garden of Eat'n

    Location: Renton

    Owner: divaqs

    In 2003 I bought my house with ½ acre of land and quickly launched an ongoing project of re-landscaping my yard with all edibles. My neighbors were alarmed when I dug up my front yard and began making dramatic changes. One neighbor came over to ask me what I was doing and after hearing that I was r...

  • Back yard
    Back yard

    Location: Steilacoom

    Owner: GinaMJ

    Back yard in Steilacoom, WA. We just bought the house. We\'re putting in raised bed gardens. Additionally, we have cherry, plum, and apple trees. ...

  • forclosed yard
    forclosed yard

    Location: pasco

    Owner: matttysonrupp

    has three car garage and drive way in front whole yard is perfectly flat, front lawn is completly dead.. and i have an ugly view of the front door and a bedroom window that i would like to take focus off of...

  • The Burr Front Yard
    The Burr Front Yard

    Location: Covington

    Owner: REBurr1974

    Our new home. I really want to brighten up the front entrance, remove the boxwoods, put in some rocks / hardscaping, flowers and plants. Definitely keeping the Rhodies....

  • Front yard project
    Front yard project

    Location: Oak Harbor

    Owner: Diane Cloughessy

    We started out with a grassy, mossy area and a lot of individual spots where the grass was not growing. The only way to get to our frontdoor was by walking up the driveway. We live in a Cul de sac and most people park directly in front of the house so we needed a walkway from that area. My husband a...

  • Circle of Snow
    Circle of Snow

    Location: Snohomish

    Owner: Brenda O'Brien

    WE live on two acres we have a circular drive way that we added curbing to, to sepearate from the gravel drive and the flower bed, much his hidden in the snow, I planted 22 lavender plants.Perfect spot to sit and watch the sunset on the Cascade Mtns. ...

  • Back yard
    Back yard

    Location: Mead

    Owner: Leslie Hagle

    New construction Full sun direct east ...

  • S Island
    S Island

    Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

    Owner: Home Fyres

    L shaped outdoor kitchen with Luxor 30\" Grill and raised wrap around bar...

  • D Island
    D Island

    Location: Calgary, AB, Canada

    Owner: Home Fyres

    Outdoor kitchen on a raised deck with contemporary gas fireplace....

  • Japanese Zen Garden
    Japanese Zen Garden

    Location: Issaquah, WA

    Owner: Colleen Chin

    Original yard is a triangular shape and very narrow. After picture shows that the yard breaks up the narrowness with a large patio at the widest part of the triangle and with river rock rivers. Nandina is used under the front of the deck to block from view any wheelbarrows and such that are store...

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