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Yard Map Search Results

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Yard Search Results
  • Back Yard Transformation

    The back Yard of our new home is barren, semi-grassy and filled with sink holes. Our objective is to create gardens and liven up our grass to achieve a cozy cottage style yard...on a shoe string and with lots of hard work. Please share in our journey....

  • Cape in the Pines
    Cape in the Pines

    Location: Foster/RI

    Owner: Kristin Dexter

    Almost 2 acres surrounded by 50-70' white pines. All soil, etc has been trucked in over the past 15 years. It is also a Certified Backyard Habitat. This is a casual cottage garden located in the country....

  • Tree House
    Tree House

    Location: Cranston, RI

    Owner: Joshua Martin

    This tree house is built around 2 pear trees. The deck measures 12 X 8 feet. The treehouse featurures 2 double hung windows, cedar shingles, a dutch door, a bell, 2 slides, a fireman\'s pole, a climbing net, a balance beam, a 8 X 6 sandbox and a swing for the adults. This tree house was built withou...

  • Marshmallow Paradise
    Marshmallow Paradise

    Location: Cranston, RI

    Owner: Joshua Martin

    Every time I went to the beach, I brought home a rock. Imagine what you can build! This is my rookie fireplace. There was a very small fireplace (4X6) that I had to jackhammer. This fireplace is 12 feet wide. I installed 2 rods at the top of the firebox so I could hang 4 chains from it, to hang a ...

  • Robyn\'s Garden
    Robyn's Garden


    Owner: Robyn

    I am a self-taught gardener. Started our 3/4 acre yard 19 years ago, and this is the far. Portsmouth, Rhode Island ...