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Yard Map Search Results

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Yard Search Results
  • Our Little Wonderland
    Our Little Wonderland

    Location: Comstock Park

    Owner: nixie

    I love to garden! I can't resist planting up every sqaure inch of earth I get my hands on, but it was equally important to me that the yard belong very much to our children as well. I wanted the kids' areas to be part of the gardens, and the gardens to be part of the kids areas. Our goal was to crea...

  • fallen trees
    fallen trees

    Location: Cassopolis

    Owner: anita busick

    house sits at top of slope; house is 1 1/2 story with wrap around porch which is about four feet above sidewalk which runs parellel to house to drive; facing the house on the L is a large area for landscaping; on the R is about 20; x 4\' area; house faces N....

  • Centennial Farmhouse Backyard

    The carriage hou se was decayed and removed in order to replace it with a new garage/carriage house. All of the yard was leveled, and overgrown bushes and plants were removed. No grass is growing currently. ...

  • Centennial Farmhouse Project
    Centennial Farmhouse Project

    Location: Oxford

    Owner: sunflwrgurly

    The home is located in a historic district and only 15 feet deep from the sidewalk to the porch. When the house was purchased, the front, side, and backyards were overgrown and have since had many trees and bushes removed. Due to renovations and addition, and a new carriage house/garage build, the...

  • Flowerbeds added to the deck
    Flowerbeds added to the deck

    Location: Millington

    Owner: Karen W

    It took me awhile to show these but here are a few of the flower beds I added to the yard since building our deck. this is considered our front yard because we live on a lake. it\'s a small yard but thats ok, it\'s much easier to keep up and we have the lake...

  • A Day in the Yard
    A Day in the Yard


    Owner: Lynn

    Just some random shots I took of the backyard on August 16, 2011....

  • City Serenity
    City Serenity

    Location: Grand Rapids

    Owner: Laura Beth Fox

    This backyard is our private little park in the middle of the city. When you step onto our deck you forget you are anywhere near an urban environment. A stream meanders down the slope, through the yard, cascading over seven waterfalls, under a stone bridge, finally flowing gently into a sparkling po...

  • Large Front Yard
    Large Front Yard


    Owner: mikgall1

    Large Front Yard wit pond about 600 ft from house. All together their is about 6 acres with some trees and the pond. We live in Michigan and need some advise on what kind of Wild flowers can be used on about 3 of the acres furthest from house to road so I can cut down on Lawn Mowing cost....

  • Tara\'s Yard
    Tara's Yard

    Location: Linden

    Owner: Tara Geoffroy

    My yard is a nightmare and I need some serious help. (step by step) if its any indication i planted an evergreen at my last home and it died. Given the fact that this is a mobiel home park and I am broke i want to keep costs very low and do it my self if it will make it cheeper. I want lots of flowe...

  • Jim\'s Place
    Jim's Place

    Location: Evart

    Owner: jim49631

    330ft x 330ft slope on north side and then flat, one pole barn 24ft x 32ft and one pole barn 24ft x 48ft, a 10ft x 10ft shed, a 10ft x 10ft pump house, a 24ft x 50ft house with a 16ft x 16ft deck, and a 20ft x 20ft patio....

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