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Yard Map Search Results

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Yard Search Results
  • Our Fairfield Home & Garden
    Our Fairfield Home & Garden

    Location: Wilmington

    Owner: barbsrosen

    Our Fairfield Home & Garden is overflowing with country cottage style gardens...beautiful flowers, mulch pathways and rusty tool arbors. You'll find gorgeous flower pairings, birdhouses galore, a stone placed firepit, artful water displays and kitschy DIY projects around each corner. My favorite ...

  • DIY Outdoor Kitchen and Pergola
    DIY Outdoor Kitchen and Pergola

    Location: Middletown

    Owner: Schatz

    Backyard with paver patio, cedar pergola, and outdoor kitchen. The patio and pergola were built in '08 and the outdoor kitchen was built in the summer of 2011. Finishing touches planned for Spring '12. ...

  • My Backyard Paradise
    My Backyard Paradise

    Location: Laurel, DE

    Owner: Bob Willoughby

    Designed and installed by myself. An ongoing project! We have had many of hours of enjoyment back here. Great place to have a \"staycation\"!...