Yards Designed By The World’s Best Parents

February 23rd, 2012 by
Some parents (and grandparents) really go all out in turning their backyard into a super-fantastic playground for their progeny. These projects no doubt cost a pretty penny, but it’s worth it to pry kids loose from their X-Box long enough to actually get some physical activity. You’ll be jealous of the way these YardShare participants are pampering their kids with family-friendly landscaping. Why didn’t your parents build this stuff for you when you were little? That’s a question only your therapist can answer. Teepee Heaven The motto of this family must be: If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it right. It’s unlikely that they actually tanned the hides for this quasi-authentic teepee, but the rest of it is all custom-made by hand.

Backyard Teepee

In true American tradition, these guys spent time researching the history and symbolism of the artwork on original teepees and then said “Why don’t we just do whatever we want?” The results may not be anthropologically accurate, but they do represent many hours of fun family time spent creating a beautiful outdoor living space. The details are exquisite:

Backyard Teepee Design

Winnemucca Water Park It never hurts to have lakefront property if you want to spoil your kiddos rotten. But a stock pond will work just as well – and you don’t have to share it with the rowdy motor boating crowd. This 1/2 acre pond is stocked with fish to nibble the toes of any grandkids brave enough to take a dip. Of course, when they come barreling down the water slide at full speed, the splash is likely to scare the fish away.

Pond Water Slide

If you do decide to put in your own stock pond, don’t forget to have plenty of sand shipped in to create a sloping access area for your rafts and kayaks. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in the mud!

Pond Beach

Home Away from Home Have you ever noticed that when you try to get away on vacation, you end up taking it all with you? That’s what happened with the folks at Alpha Landscape. A week off work somehow turned into a full blown work project – building a kid’s playhouse.

Kids Playhouse Idea

The results were worth it! In the end, the smile on your kid’s face and the great memories they will make is what it’s all about.

Kids DIY Playhouse