Thought About Adding a Water Garden?

August 1st, 2011 by
Have you been toiling over problems with soil? Have a shady region of the yard where you just can’t keep plants alive? Are you enticed by the possibility of having frogs, fish, and lily pads as part of your garden? A water garden might be just what you need. This gardener found that building a water garden where plants would not grow to be a fantastic solution to that problem.

Water gardens are a beautiful alternative to soil gardens. They can be a welcomed change to yards and can offer new exciting landscaping options. Below, you will find a picture of one of my favorite yards. It takes full advantage of the landscaping possibilities that water gardens open.  With a water garden, you can build borders around the edges of the water, grow plants in the water, and even stock your garden with ornamental fish.

Natural Looking Water Garden

Beyond opening new possibilities for landscape designs, water gardens can be a habitat for natural pest controllers. One of the many benefits of water gardens is that they can attract or support animals – like frogs – that are wonderful predators to have in your yard. If you choose to incorporate frogs or other small animals into your garden, be mindful of herbicide and pesticide use, as they can be harmful to these animals. Having a water garden will also allow you to explore the world of aquatic plants. You will find that there are many options in this area! Marginal plants, like the beautiful Louisiana King Creole, thrive on the outskirts of ponds where the water level is low. Floating plants, like water lettuce, can give your water garden a sense of tranquility. Aquatic plants also oxygenate water, which will help keep the animals you choose to put in your water healthy. In sum, having a water garden can be a solution to your gardening troubles or a nice change that will a open new world of design options. Owners of these little oases love them and the tranquility that they bring with them. If you’re looking for a new project, this might be exactly what you’re looking for.