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Member Inspired Landscaping Ideas & Garden Ideas

Glamorous Gateways

If you could have any gate in the world in your yard, what would it be? The Brandenburg Gate? The Gates of Cairo? A Stargate? Bill Gates? Unfortunately, most of our gate choices are limited by budget constraints, available space, and the laws of physics. Still, there aren’t any limits on the human imagination. Check out how some of our YardShare members have used imagination and ingenuity to make their gateways special.

Repurposed Elegance

Greg in California decided that this “leaded” glass door was just too pretty to discard. Now, it serves as a gateway into a year-round garden vegetable garden. The windows lining the top edge of the surrounding fence are also decorative doors from various pieces of old cabinetry. They add height and drama without blocking the sun from reaching the tender greens inside the garden walls.

Elegant Yard Entryway

Into the Abbey

Nanci’s home actually has very imposing wrought iron gates across the front drive, but it’s this little wooden arch over the rear pathway that makes the yard unique. The simple cathedral style of this gateway doesn’t keep you out, it draws you in. She was going for an old European motif; and this cloistered effect certainly achieves that goal.

Oval Garden Entryway

Good Luck with That

This imposing structure is made particularly inviting by the riot of red roses climbing the gate. Roses are a tricky choice for gate decor. You’ve got to be prepared to train them so they don’t scratch visitors (down, roses, down!) The style here looks gothic at first, but the horseshoe nailed at the pinnacle for luck ends up giving the gateway more of a cheerful, red barn feel.

Garden Gate Entry

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