Art In The Garden

June 14th, 2011 by
Many people like to share pictures of beautiful art work they have installed in their yards. We love it when they post examples here at YardShare. It gives us ideas for how we can spice up our own lawns or gardens. Lark from Wisconsin shared quite a few original pieces of artwork that deserve your attention. This backyard artist uses spare parts, junk, or items found at thrift stores to fashion unique displays. This first sculpture combines a flower shaped from copper tubing and pipes with a birdbath. The water feature has already attracted a black capped chickadee.

Garden Art

In this next image, a steel ladder has been bent into an arch to provide a place for vines to climb. Perched along the side railing of the arch next to wire mesh is a steel sculpted butterfly that floats in a state of permanent perfection above the white flowers.

Steel ladder garden art

Here are blue cups inverted on top of poles to form bell shape flowers that will survive even the harshest winter weather. They add color to the property all year long.

Inverted Blue Cups for Garden Art

It’s not hard to tell that “Lark” is a bird lover. There are many different kinds of bird houses strategically placed around the yard. Here, a teapot is hanging from the side of a building. It creates a home for a mama bird and her brood where no hungry cat can tip them over and pour them out.

Teapot Bird Nest

Waste not, want not! Old shoes are used as flower pots here. It’s unclear whether the fragrance of the surrounding plants will outlast the smell of old shoe funk, but they sure look pretty.

Shoe Flower Planters

In another image, recycled tubing along with wire, fan blades and sprockets create huge Sunflowers. Or maybe it’s a sophisticated radar array – a secret adjunct to the SETI project.

Recycled SunFlowers

Lark offers many more examples of unique artwork that can be used as inspiration for landscape projects. Here’s one final picture of a big ol’ spider made from rebar and other recycled objects. It’s not eensy weensy – but it would look great on your water spout.

Spider Garden Art