If Jack Nicklaus Landscaped Your Yard...

May 19th, 2011 by
You’d have a golf course. Or, at least you’d have a putting green. Maybe just a mini golf course? If you’ve got a real tee time addiction, even just a coffee can buried in the ground might do. Available space, your budget, and your location are all considerations when deciding how to incorporate your love of the game into your landscaping. Sandi Christian from California decided that a small putting green was enough for her needs. It left her plenty of space for a deck, BBQ area, patio, and pergola. These provide multiple staging areas to view the green and critique the technique of whoever’s practicing. Let’s all give a polite round of applause (golf clapping only) for this sophisticated landscaping job:

Putting Green in the Backyard

Moving from fancy to just plain fun, here’s a homemade mini-golf course. There’s no windmill, but there is a playhouse for the grandkids set right in the middle of the course. This means when Grandpa misses his shot he can wave his golf club in the air and say “I would have made it, too, if it hadn’t been for those darned kids!” Ruh-roh.

Miniature Golf in the backyard

Homes on the Course If you live in a golf community, there’s someone else taking care of the actual course landscaping. But you can still create your own design to mesh with the golf course. One artist created a layout that she says was inspired by the curving sand traps nearby. This photo really does look like a painting (without drifting into overly-saccharine Thomas Kinkade territory):

Golf Course Backyard

This final home is actually sandwiched between two golf courses. They’ve designed their patio area with green furnishings that create a seamless transition from their property to the lovingly maintained turf beyond. They probably have to pay extra to insure all the windows in their house against flying golf balls, but they also get front row seats to The Players Championship every year.

Home own a golf course