Water Fountains: Large and Small – Classic and Quaint

May 9th, 2011 by
Burbling streams and backyard ponds are lovely water features. But they always carry a risk of someone stepping or falling in accidentally (or on purpose). Fountains are a slightly safer alternative unless you’re small enough to be picked up and dropped in the basin! Traditional fountains are typically located near entryways or in the center of courtyards. Here’s a classic example of a symmetrical, sophisticated model. The surrounding landscaping may change, but this style can blend well with a variety of design options:

Courtyard Water Fountain

Water fountains are prime attractions in any backyard landscape. People tend to gather around one even when it’s not working. Here’s an example of an expired fountain that’s been turned into a sort of flower pot. If you’re concerned about your water bill or about the costs of repairing a defunct fountain, this is one way to resolve that dilemma:

Water Fountain flower pot

A drinking fountain is apparently not just for us big people. In the following example, some Lilliputians are gathering to fill their mouths with refreshing water too. Be nice to the wee folk – or they may make mischief for you!

Unique Water Fountain

Landscaping fountains can be any size, shape, or design. Your imagination is the only limitation (the laws of physics may also apply). These can blend into the landscape or stand out. Some can be part of the architecture on the outside of a building. Take a look at this decorative wall fountain. It’s like something out of the Chronicles of Narnia - if a hunter stuffed Aslan’s head and mounted it on their wall:

Lion's Head Water Fountain

When you go trekking through a hedge maze (as one is wont to do from time to time), it’s delightful to come across a fountain at the very center. After all, you may have been wandering lost for many days and nights with no water! This placid, medium sized fountain is half encompassed by a wooden chair and bench so you can rest your aching feet:

Placid Water Fountain