Small Yards Need Pools Too!

April 28th, 2011 by
Water lovers around the world agree: even in the smallest yard, there’s always room for a pool. Sure, it might seem like Chris Farley’s fat guy in a little coat, but you can make it fit! Actually, your pool can look just fine if you pay attention to detail. Making optimal use of your available space and decorating with care makes all the difference. Take a gander at this miniature pool that Mike in Houston, TX shared:

Small Yard Pool

This backyard space is only 20’x20’ and there are 12 foot high walls enclosing it. The bright yellow walls make it appear sunny even though it will be shaded through much of the day. The contemporary Mexican feel is augmented with metal sun sculptures and warm terra cotta colored flagstone. And no, you don’t actually fall in the pool as soon as you step out the back door. There’s actually a nice little patio area set up for outdoor dining:

Small Patio Area for Small Pool Yard

Sportymom038 had a slightly different dilemma. Her yard is plenty big – but only in one direction. Like a long, cool woman in a black dress, this long, cool pool has it all. The whole thing is saved from looking like a plain lap pool by having curves in the right places.

Small Yard Tropical Pool

One thing you’ll notice about small pools is that the best looking ones always have a waterfall. Adding a vertical water feature expands the visual volume of the pool without significantly increasing its footprint.