Is Your Landscaping Pet Approved?

March 29th, 2011 by
Backyard landscaping isn’t just for the birds (and raccoons and squirrels). Pets need a safe place to frolic and have fun too. It’s good for their mental and physical well being – plus the more hair they shed outside the less ends up on your couch. Of course, like toddlers, pets shouldn’t be allowed to roam alone all over the neighborhood. But they will try to escape, simply out of curiosity. To keep dogs and cats in, extra high fences with underground barriers that discourage digging are a good plan. Here’s an example of a high chain link fence that has wooden forms prepared and in place for a concrete barrier to be poured at its base.

Buried Fence so pets don't dig

(Steve, Visalia, CA)

These boundaries don’t just keep your pets inside. They also help keep your neighbor’s animals safely on the other side, decreasing the amount of poo you have to clean up. Also, if there’s a zombie apocalypse you will be safe from the walking dead (they climb really slowly). Play Time! Now it’s time to get even more creative. The backyard should be a sanctuary for your pets, not Stalag 13. They need shelter, plenty of space to move around, objects to play with, and areas where they can spend time with you. The backyard space should be designed around the needs of the animals that will reside there as well as for human visitors. That way, you’ll be motivated to spend plenty of time outdoors with your furry friends. A few pictures are worth thousands of words, so here’s an animal rescue area that’s under construction in Steve’s backyard in California.

Pet Rescue Area

Here’s the same area one year later:

Pet Rescue Area

Notice all the items of interest that have been installed for the cats and their keepers. There are plenty of places to sit in the sun and plenty of places to hide. Hello Kitty!