Get Your Yard Ready For Summer

April 15th, 2009 by
The first warm day in April arrives and stores put out mulch, rose bushes and spring flowers. Every year I get the itch to plant new flowers, but it’s best to put some thought into what goes into an established yard. So I turn first to yard maintenance and spend time surveying for any winter damage.Spring Maintenance Includes:
  • Pruning. If you do any spring pruning, remember to slant your cut in the direction you want new branches to grow. Right now, you’re just cutting damaged branches.
  • Fertilizing. This gives you gorgeous blooms in a few months.
  • Weed Control. For your lawn, apply a crab grass preventer. It’ll help your lawn look great and cut down on work and expense later on.
When you’re up to speed on maintenance, it’s a great time to make changes. If you didn’t plant bulbs in the fall, you can add a few spring flowers that are hardy in cold weather. Consider Pansies, Tulips or Snap Dragons, which are probably on sale outside many stores right now. I'm tackling my yard this Thursday and Friday while I have a couple days off work.  Here's what I've got on tap...
  • Weeds, weeds, and more weeds are going to meet an untimely demise.  My back is sore just thinking about it.
  • I just picked up 3 small azaleas to put in a partial sunny spot near my back door.  I have 3 small hydrangeas there right now that are being relocated to the front of the house.
  • Raking leaves out of the flower beds.
  • Fertilizing my lawn, then a mow and edging.
  • It's time to seal my slate tile patio again.  It should be done yearly, but I missed last year, so I'm doing it now.  Why seal it right before summer you ask?  Because the sealer is also a color enhancer.  I love to have the slate's natural color come through for summer entertaining.
  • I'm picking up some new solar accent lights for around the lawn, and I'm also going to try out a solar spotlight to illuminate one of my trees.  I'm excited to see what a little night lighting will do for the yard.
For more great landscaping ideas, visit a friend of YardShare, David Beaulieu of Landscaping. And did I mention I'm turning 30 tomorrow? I have to call myself an adult now? Summer's almost here!