Introduction to Yard Ideas

April 5th, 2009 by
I know what you're thinking! "Just another landscaping blog, right?" Wrong...sort of. Yard Ideas is not going to be a place where I sit here on my pedestal as the YardShare founder, passing along super important advice for how you should manage your yards. Nope…the theme of YardShare has always been Knocking Down Fences. We are a community, of which I am a member, just like you. So Yard Ideas will not only be my ideas, but your ideas! As a community, we should share knowledge, just as we have shared the pictures of our yards. So if you have an excellent method for trimming your roses, or have recently put in a patio, or have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood, or have an excellent tri-tip bbq recipe…tell us about it! If you’ve always wanted to write a blog, but have never had the platform to do it, here’s your chance. Landscape Professionals…don’t think you’re excluded from this! We want to hear from you as well. What challenges do you face dealing with homeowners, any tips or tricks that a DIY’er should know, stories you’d like to share, etc. As long as it’s related to outdoor living, write about anything you want. Email your article to, and I will review and let you know when it will be published (I do reserve the right to edit for spelling, grammar, and the like). Be sure to include photos you’d like included if relevant. I hope everyone enjoys the newest addition to YardShare. Thank you for helping Knock Down Fences!