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Unique Outdoor Living Spaces, Brick Paver Patios Walks Drives, Retaining Walls, Water Features, One-of-a-Kind Landscape Design, Decks, Porches and Gazebos, Outdoor Lighting, Manufactured Stone.

About Us:

Welcome to Treasured Earth Landscaping. We’re an award winning Landscaping and Hardscaping firm, serving customers throughout Southeast Michigan - including Ann Arbor, Northville, Plymouth, Saline, Brighton, Milford and beyond. Whether you’re considering a basic front yard re-landscape or a larger, multi-phase outdoor living area, we can provide you with the ideas and expertise you need to design and build your dream yard.

Flagstone Patio, Pergola and Fire Pit

Bloomfield, MI
21628 Views 390 Votes

Complete landscape makeover of soggy, unusable backyard in West Bloomfield Michigan. Built a flagstone patio with granite fire pit and cedar pergolas.