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Nordby Design Studio's profile

About Us:

We are a full service architectural and interior design firm. We work with the inside as well as the exterior rooms and how they both work with each other.... You need to design the inside and outside together..... Call us and we can transform your home or new home into something fabulous.We have moved to our new storestudio in beautiful downtown Lake Oswego, Oregon. 463 Third Street. phfax 503-305-6426.

New outdoor living area

Portland, OR
2768 Views 150 Votes

Here is a 3d perspectives for a new out door living area that is currently under construction and we will provide new photos when complete.

New Front entrance and landscape design

West Linn, OR
6971 Views 246 Votes

Re model of entire exterior of home and main entry.

Exterior back yard remodel

West Linn, OR
28152 Views 435 Votes

Replaced old rotten, out dated decks and stairs with new concrete patios and concrete decks to tie into house facade remodel. With new out door living and dining areas.