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Alpha Landscape Construction's profile


Our years of experience have permitted us to broaden our base of expertise, allowing us to offer carpentry and masonry as part of your indoor or outdoor remodeling project. Whether you're contemplating decorative landscaping, retaining walls, fencing, irrigation, an outdoor kitchen or shower, or even an indoor kitchen or bathroom remodel, Alpha Landscape is your number one choice.

About Us:

Alpha Landscape Construction was founded upon the principles of quality and customer satisfaction. Through skill and creative design, we provide you with a cost effective way to add beauty and value to your outdoor and indoor living spaces.Since 1983, we have been building a solid portfolio of award-winning architecture through a unique combination of landscape and construction knowledge. Our steadfast attention to customer satisfaction and our willingness to involve the client in every phase of a project has resulted in hundreds of satisfied customers. As a testament to our commitment to quality and professionalism, more that 50% of our work is from repeat business or client referrals.

Kellys Hideaway

Santa Cruz, CA
2544 Views 158 Votes

Trex Deck and Doug Fir Arbor ...

Mindys Place

Santa Cruz, CA
2767 Views 223 Votes

Total Makeover

Size Ain't Important

Santa Cruz, CA
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From Trash to Treasure ..

JD and Judy

Santa Cruz, CA
2355 Views 142 Votes

Stucco walls and patio ...

Nicks Place

Santa Cruz, CA
2741 Views 175 Votes

Composite decking, stone wall and Gazebo ...