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CMT's Lawn Wars Reality TV Contest: Woodland Garden and Lots of Homemade Playhouses
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  • Woodland Garden and Lots of Homemade Playhouses
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    My husband and I never really grew up. I have a fascination with playhouses, and he has a fascination with challenging builds--a potentially dangerous combination! We also have three kids who appreciate our obsession! I also love landscaping and gardening, I really love digging (I don\'t know why, it\'s just very therapeutic to me). My goal with our yard was to create a whimsical space where the gardens and playscape were one in the same, with lots of nooks and crannies for the imagination. I like to keep the gardens on the wild side for that whimsical woodland feel, plus non-fussy gardens are very kid-tolerant. Not pictured are the pirate ship, bunny barn, gypsy wagon, and gingerbread house that also reside in our yard. We are currently giving the castle Robin Hood/Ewok Village/Hobbit treehouse inspired makeover, and finishing up a cottage playhouse with a mushroom turret and a living green roof. How come it doesn\'t seem so crazy to me until I put it all here? Maybe we need help? Shoot--I just realized we don\'t have a picture of us. I hope that\'s ok. Sorry. Anyway, I hope you like our yard!

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    • On August 2, 2012 Diane and Richard said:

      This is WONDERFUL! And you are our kind of people; off the beaten path with ideas! Love Love Love it! Diane and Richard (Studebaker Waterfall)

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