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CMT's Lawn Wars Reality TV Contest: My tiny slice of suburban Eden
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  • My tiny slice of suburban Eden
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    I own a very small two-bedroom house which has an even smaller L-shaped back yard. After buying the house and struggling unsuccessfully to make the grass grow under the shade trees (which it just wouldn\'t) I finally decided to dig a fish pond and surround it with gravel and potted plants. After several years of enjoying the pond, the waterfall, and adding some fish, I felt an ongoing desire to \"swim\" in the pond on the hot Texas summer days. Finally, early in 2010 I changed the pond into an in-ground spa-ool that can be heated in winter, and still enjoyed in summer. I have done all the landscaping of my yard myself and it is relatively maintenance free.

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    • On July 24, 2012 Shirley Darby said:

      I sure can empathize with the desire to jump into your pond! And here we are in another super hot summer - you win even if someone else gets all the votes.

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