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The Winter Yard Contest: Wonderful Winterland in PA
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  • Wonderful Winterland in PA
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    Our beautiful backyard with a blanket of snow. This picture is from last winter. We have had practically no snow this year. Not that I\'m complaining....but I sure do miss looking out back and seeing these beautiful winter scenes. Ahhhhhhhh...I can smell that fire burning in the fireplace now....

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    • On February 28, 2012 YardShare said:

      Hi bicktasw. We have verified the voting system is working fine. Note that votes are only tallied if the voter is logged in with their YardShare account. Good luck!

    • On February 25, 2012 bicktasw said:

      Thanks all for your wonderful comments! Hoping Yardshare sees this comment....alot of my friends have been voting but the total number of votes does not change....just wondering what the problem is??????

    • On February 24, 2012 sleeveless44 said:

      Totally looks like a Christmas card! Lovely.

    • On February 17, 2012 cathiiannone said:

      Well, I grew up in Central New York, so you know I'm a snow bunny!!

    • On February 17, 2012 Laurie Figone said:

      I love the snow!!! Beuatiful picture : ))

    • On February 16, 2012 Lori Cripe McLain said:

      Let it snow , let it snow here in Texas too !

    • On February 15, 2012 Ronna F said:


    • On February 14, 2012 deedee2012 said:

      What a breath taking scene!!

    • On February 14, 2012 BakingBrenda said:

      Truly a "Winter Wonderland"...So Beautiful:-)

    • On February 14, 2012 Lori Cripe McLain said:

      Gorgeous !

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