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The Light Up The Grill Contest: BBQ from Scratch
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  • BBQ from Scratch
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    All the blood, sweat and tears was us (except for the concrete). The BBQ stands on an upper level from the seating. Its complete with an arbor for shade and a Refrigerator within arms reach of the cook. Anyone can hire contractors, right? Vote for our BBQ based on our planning and execution.

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    • On October 4, 2011 Gehrke said:

      Thanks Diana! This took all summer. Long evenings after long days of regular work, but we love it. The sweat equity makes it even more enjoyable. It feels great sitting at the bar knowing you built the whole thing. Fun times!

    • On October 4, 2011 DianaT said:

      This is a real inspiration to someone like me who does not have an area like this in my yard.

    • On August 22, 2011 littleman23 said:

      Wow...amazing before and after pics. Great work!!

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