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The I Could Live Out Here Yard Contest: City Serenity
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  • City Serenity
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    We took an impossibly sloped backyard full of weeds and dust and created our very own oasis in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI. The deck overlooks the now lush, beautiful view and the constant sound of the water flowing down 7 waterfalls to the pond below is serene. A $500 giftcard from Frontgate could really help toward putting the finishing touches on the deck! It is our living space every summer!

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    • On August 20, 2011 Ron said:

      Very Nice. I would love to see more

    • On July 24, 2011 theashbeauty said:

      You've done wonders with this!

    • On July 24, 2011 Corylo77 said:


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