Large Front Yard

mikgall1 in Sunfield, MI

Large Front Yard wit pond about 600 ft from house. All together their is about 6 acres with some trees and the pond. We live in Michigan and need some advise on what kind of Wild flowers can be used on about 3 of the acres furthest from house to road so I can cut down on Lawn Mowing cost.

Front Yard Huge (Half Acre Plus ) I Need Ideas! Help! Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn

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What a beautiful area.I see a lot of potenial for a wild flower meadow.We live in the country also and have a pond.I planted wild daylilies,coneflowers,shasta daisies,lots of self seeding flowers.It is a chore to weed tho,I just sprayed "Round up".Clover is taking over.Eventually,the daylilies will choke them out....We just mow it all down in late fall. I've posted pics.My gardens are all cottage type.....sandy

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