June Roses

Karen McAuliffe in Mechanicsburg, PA

This is my picket fence with a arbor and gate. I have roses growing along the fence.

Back Yard Fence Flower Close-ups

1 of 4: Don Juan climbing rose was only planted 2 years ago. It should eventually get 10'-14' tall. The pointed buds open to a velvety dark red bloom of 30 petals. It is a repeat bloomer and is fragrant. Why would you get a rose that wasn't fragrent? It could also be trained horizontally to grown along a fence.

2 of 4: David Austin is an English rose grower. His roses are crosses between certain old roses and modern hybrid teas and floribundas, thus combining the charm and fragrance of an old rose with the color and repeat flowering of a modern rose. The picture above is David Austin's Abraham Darby. I love the cup shaped fullness of this rose with approximately 70 petals. It repeats well, offering other bloomings, especially if pruned in the summer.

3 of 4: This is a Knock Out rose. While not having a lot of petals, I like it because it blooms continously and stays full and leafy all summer. Knock Out roses are easy to grow, do not need to be deadheaded, and need no winter protection. Knock Out roses are the most disease resistant rose on the market. They can grow to be more than 3' wide and 4' tall, if not pruned. They look great planted in mass.

4 of 4: This is the view of the fence looking from the end of the fence back to the house. Other roses are iceberg and Gertrude Jeckel, another David Austin Rose.

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I love roses and yours are very pretty

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