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Steve in Visalia, CA

Our place has traditionally become the 4th of July hangout. We needed lots of outdoor things to keep a big crowd occupied for a long weekend. We built Bocce Ball court, a horseshoe pit (pics to be added of this later), a volleyball court, an above ground pool and a play area for the kids.

Back Yard Fun for Kids Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Lawn Pool Sport Court

1 of 13: Area for sand volleyball court

2 of 13: One volleyball pole doubles as a basketball hoop for those games of horse.

3 of 13: Volleyball before picture

4 of 13: East end of the bocce ball court.

5 of 13: West end of the bocce ball court (which is 12' x 60'). We framed the court with 2in x 12in on top of blacktop. We drove stakes into the blacktop and strapped them to the boards. We filled the court with 4in of sand and 4in of DG (decomposed granite).

6 of 13: This large blacktop area is great for 4th of July fireworks and a riding area for kids on their bikes & trikes. The kids play area is in the background (next to the 5th wheel).

7 of 13: volleyball area before sand

8 of 13: this above ground pool is sitting on about 6in of sand.

9 of 13: Volleyball court. We capped the 3 sprinklers that were covering this area of the yard. Then sprayed the grass with a strong weed killer. Then spread heavy duty tarps on the court area. We then had a couple loads of sand (about 10 yards) dumped on the tarps. We then spread the sand.

10 of 13: volleyball court

11 of 13: bocce ball court lengthwise from east to west.

12 of 13: bocce ball court

13 of 13: basketball hoop & volley ball court.

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