Rick & Jill Edgar's Home

Rick & Jill Edgar in Roseville, CA

Our Koi pond is 5 years old and built by our loving hands. The BBQ and Bar were built first, then the Fireplace and Pizza Oven came next in a 2 year project all built by 'us' and is loved by all!

Back Yard Fireplace Garden Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Outdoor Kitchen Pond

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Thiis is beautiful. I would love to see pictures of the construction process!

Just beautiful! Did your husband have masonry experience? My husband and I would like an outdoor area such as yours but my husband says (after I showed him your pictures) "I don't know anything about masonry, I can't do everything." After 26 years with the man I think he can still do about anything. I'm more interested in the pizza oven. What ideas can you share about that? thanks for your time and again congrats on a gorgeous setting.


Did you use kits for the fireplace and/or kitchen? If so, what manufacturer and how easy were they to work with?


This was not a kit. My husband designed the fireplace; pizza oven; bar and bbq. And built them all. Thank you for the nice comments!

Congrats on being this week's featured yard. Great job.

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