1 of 19: View from living room. Springtime bloom, with flowering peach, crabapple, purple-leaf plum, abutillon, rhodie, azaleas, and camellia. In the summer agapanthus and daylilies bloom. I have color all year long.

2 of 19: View from entryway. Best show of blooms is springtime

3 of 19: Lazy days. Front yard.

4 of 19: Side yard gate. Used 6x6 posts, which matched the trellis. This turned out to be a summer-long project, lots of jig-saw details, but a labor of love with my son.

5 of 19: Side yard. Stamped concrete is colored with gray and green, with a texttured pattern. This also covered the sides of the low cinder block retaining wall. The wall was capped with 12x12 concrete tiles that were finished with a stone enhancer that brought out the green color, then sealed.

6 of 19: Side yard view from lower deck

7 of 19: View from back lawn.

8 of 19: Visitor. This is an old photo, before the deck rebuilt with a rail. The roses were moved to a sunnier location.

9 of 19: Fountain from a ceramic pot. I dug a hole below and put in a 5 gallon bucket and 200gpm pump. Used rebar on top of bucket for support.

10 of 19: Meditation garden

11 of 19: Area next to upper deck. The arch was used from prunings from my Purple-Leaf Plum tree. Unsuccessfully tried to grow ground cover between the flagstone in the circular path, so reverted to adding additional flat pieces and filling with 3/8 inch pea gravel

12 of 19: View from lower deck. Can you guess the name of the metal sculpture in the bottom left corner?

13 of 19: Veggie garden-a challenge with limited sunlight

14 of 19: Small path from deck to lawn, replaced bricks. These were Indian Slate pavers set on sand, and bordered by synthetic benderboard. Matches retaining wall cap in side yard

15 of 19: Backyard view from deck

16 of 19: My attempt of a fish pond. Used a plastic container. The top doubles as a deterrent to the critters and used as a screed for my compost.

17 of 19: This 8x15 ft shed supplied and installed by The Shed Shop for about $2,500.

18 of 19: Upper hill near shed. To successfully grow rhodies, grew in large pots placed in the ground, ammended with rhodie mix from Lyngso. Groundcover is wild strawberries, grew well in this shady area, and spread rapidly.

19 of 19: Arum (corpse flower)

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Just Beautiful! You've got great things from every angle. Loved the critter pictures.

I enjoyed the tour of your yard...very pretty. The last picture I did notice the wine barrel hoops. I have been looking for those for some time now...no luck. I make sculptures from them. LOL

What a wonderful job you have done. Looks so inviting. Love the decks, fence, arbor and of course the plants.


View from living room. Springtime bloom, with flowering peach, crabapple, purple-leaf plum, abutillon, rhodie, and camellia. I wanted color all year long.

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