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I am a self-taught gardener. Started our 3/4 acre yard 19 years ago, and this is the far. Portsmouth, Rhode Island

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1 of 30: coneflowers and black-eyed susans

2 of 30: FALL SEDUM

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10 of 30: Fall garden

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12 of 30: Fall barrel

13 of 30: Fall window box

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28 of 30: clematis at the shed

29 of 30: does anyone know the name of this plant?! Smells wonderful

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Your gardens are beautiful. I am a self taught, learning gardener to. Really started in 2004 when we bought this fixer-upper with 1.5 acres. I have R.A Lupus and can not run the weed-eater or push a mower up a hill so I had to do something. I learn so much from gardeners like you, thanks for sharing.

Hi Robyn, My morning coffee and strolling through your garden again. It was a great way to start my day. Thanks for sharing. Yardshare is going to get me through this LONG Winter


Morning Lark...I'm so glad you enjoy MY garden because YOURS is sooo great it makes me feel good that you think mine is nice. Thank you....we are leaving for Florida on Jan.1 and getting out of here until it is warm in May.

I love your yard, the cottage look is my favorite theme. You did a great job for getting color, which is what I cant seem to get. Thank you for sharing. Deronda


Thank you for your comments on my yard. It is always a work in progress. It took many years to have color all season, but it is finally there. Thanks again.

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