Pocahontas in Molalla, OR

After building a home at the coast a decade ago and learning to garden in sand my husband and I decided to move closer to our kids and grandkids. We purchased a home on 1 acre along the river a year ago and will start all over again from scratch! (We gardeners love a challenge!) We started in the backyard with a poorly managed lawn and nothing else....so watch our progress! We have a 50' setback from the riverbank and have a view from our master balcony. We did hire a landscape designer to help us and had a contractor do the flagstone and the large trees. We plan to do the small plantings ourselves.

Back Yard Firepit Garden Hardscape Large (5,000 - 10,000 sq ft.) Path / Walkway Shade Garden

1 of 15: Backyard view from balcony looking west before redo

2 of 15: Backyard view from balcony looking east before redo

3 of 15: what we started with in backyard

4 of 15: backyard before

5 of 15: laying the flagstone

6 of 15: beginnings of firepit

7 of 15: flagstone path to firepit

8 of 15: planted cedrus deodara, oakleaf hydrangea, daylilies, abies concolor, acer circinatum, viburnum and sword ferns in keeping with the woodlands design

9 of 15: in this raised bed we have some laurel, daylilies and will plant some creeping juniper on the ends to drape over the rock wall

10 of 15: this is looking back to the house from the forest

11 of 15: japanese maple, daylilies, pieris japonica and sword ferns. We plan on building a shop on the other side of this bed where the gravel currently is.

12 of 15: riverview from backyard

13 of 15: trail into woods that leads to river

14 of 15: stairs to river almost completed

15 of 15: stairs to river not quite done

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love this, so beautiful.

How did your garden fill out this season? It is really pretty and calming.

thanks for the feedback--our place is on the Molalla River--we are having steps build down to the river this weekend so we can access it much easier--will post pics!

P.S. I forgot to ask what river your property fronts? Your river view is heavenly.

Pocahontas, I gave you an Inspired Vote.... grandparents who is ambitious enough to start again from scratch are very inspirational in my book. I like the river rock border and the flagstone path/patio that are the new beginnings of a fun and woodsy yard for the little people in your life. I will check back often to enjoy your progress.

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