Pool house

junkylicious in Austin, TX

This is our pool house that we truly enjoy in the heat of summer when it's 100+ degrees outside. The yard is tiny taken up with the pool but that is the whole point. We love it!

Back Yard Covered Patio Patio Pool Small (Under 1,000 sq ft.) Spa

1 of 7: Have to have pink roses!

2 of 7: Ahhhh - so refreshing.

3 of 7: When we are not in the pool, we enjoy the covered porch.

4 of 7: Conversation / fire pit area.

5 of 7: Side yard leading to the pool. Has raised garden beds that I am just getting ready to plant.

6 of 7: My tiny oasis.

7 of 7: Love the sound of the fountain.

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