sue in Emmett, ID

This garden was the biggest thing I've ever done in a yard. It was all trees and bushes in the beginning.

Back Yard Garden Huge (Half Acre Plus ) Other Yard

1 of 19: A Mountain Garden

2 of 19: Up under the spuce

3 of 19: first artichokes

4 of 19: hoop house

5 of 19: Chicken Coop

6 of 19: This was all brush before the raised beds

7 of 19: Lambs

8 of 19: Tomatoes love the hoop house

9 of 19: Looking the other direction

10 of 19: up the driveway California Poppies

11 of 19: The shed

12 of 19: We moved and this is a different garden

13 of 19: Clematis

14 of 19

15 of 19

16 of 19: My vegie garden

17 of 19: Again raised beds

18 of 19: Privacy Wall around a spa

19 of 19

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Glad you enjoy the pictures.I cant seem to be able to add captions to each piture so ill answer here.This is in Garden Valley Idaho.The thistle plant are the first artichokes Iv grown.The hoop house is made using railraod ties holding cattle panels bent over and tied together with wire nuts.Going 16 feet is what this is over lapping the panels.We had no heat in there but it really extended the season.I knew a person that had commercial green houses and had built this in his yard.Thats where I go

Thank you for the stroll through your yard. I really like the natural country setting. Could you answer some questions? Could you please EDIT each picture to let us know about what we are viewing? Where are you located? I like your sloped/terraced garden with some raised beds. LUCKY YOU, having a hoop house. Do you start all your plants from seed? What is the thistle plant in picture #3? I LOVE picture #5 and #7 with the chickens and goats. ABSOLUTELY charming!

Thank you for stopping by and viewing my yard art. Your very kind comments are greatly appreciated. I wish I could walk around your beautiful property with you. I would love you to show me how you made your hoop house. I would like to try it this Spring.

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