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vonnie in Houston, TX

This is my outdoor deck. My husband and I bought an outdoor fireplace and added the curtains and furniture chair pads. I also made the plant stands myself. They are made out of concrete forms that are covered in wood contact paper.

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Great job in creating a private and cozy retreat. Using the latice wood panels not only screens you from your close neighbors, it allows air circulation. The fireplace adds charm a place to roast marshmellows. Where are you located and is this on the north side of your home?


We live in Texas and the patio is on the south side of our home.

WOW, What a cozy outdoor room you've created. I love the fireplace. The curtains add a nice touch to the room. Good job on the plant stands and the clock and the hanging light look great. You've created a great space to just relax or enjoy with family and friends.

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