My Coastal Garden

These are gardens I began from scratch about five years ago. After putting in a perennial garden around our patio, I began tackling the hill behind the house. It's still a work in progress (what garden isn't!) mostly because I'm waiting for many of my favorite plants to get big enough to divide. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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1 of 22: Welcome to my coastal home - - -

2 of 22: I love oriental lilies -- and so do the lily beetles that I battle against all season.

3 of 22: This is a view from the corner of the patio to the hill where I'm starting a new garden.

4 of 22: My favorite single peony -- it's called 'Honor.'

5 of 22: A lacecap hydrangea called 'Blue Wave' -- another garden favorite.

6 of 22: That tall plant is zebra grass. It gets to be about six feet by mid-summer.

7 of 22: I love the name of this daylily -- it's called 'Summer Wine.'

8 of 22: Another wonderful name for a plant -- 'Raspberry Sundae' peony.

9 of 22: This 'President Lincoln' lilac grows right under my kitchen window and its aroma fills the entire room.

10 of 22: Old-fashioned bleeding heart -- I remember these in my grandma's garden.

11 of 22: These bright blue blossoms are veronica 'Crater Lake Blue.'

12 of 22: These are old-fashioned roses that smell heavenly -- just like roses should!

13 of 22: A hardy little shrub rose called 'Cape Cod.'

14 of 22: This is my patio garden about three years ago -- before I even started working on the hill.

15 of 22: Here's another view from the patio garden to the hill behind our house.

16 of 22: These shasta daisies are great in our windy conditions. They're called 'Becky.'

17 of 22: 'Happy Returns' daylilies -- they seem to bloom all season long!

18 of 22: The hummingbirds just love this 'Serotina' honeysuckle!

19 of 22: This is sea holly -- perfect for a coastal garden.

20 of 22: These lupine pop up in unexpected places each year, but they're always welcome.

21 of 22: 'Eva Cullum' phlox -- just one of several types in my garden.

22 of 22: The patio garden in late July.

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WOW! What a BEAUTIFUL yard you've created! Alot of time & effort has been spent on it for sure! You've done an awesome job! I'm a newbie...thanks for the insporation! :)

Kelly Leath 4 years ago

Your gardens are my inspiration!! Just beautiful!

Patty Roberts 6 years ago

Oh, to be able to have the wonderful selection of flowers you have!! We can't grow them here in the high desert. I have enjoyed looking at them. Thanks so much for sharing. Patty

Kimberjoie 6 years ago

Beautiful flowers!

Coastal Gardener 6 years ago

Elsabeth, the blue flower in picture 3 is "Blue Hill" salvia, and the one in picture 12 is a campanula. Both of the flowers in pictures 15 and 26 are coreopsis. The one in 15 is called "Zagreb" and the paler yellow one in 26 is "Moonbeam."

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